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RECEIVE $$$ for helping sell waffle mix!

THANKS for inquiring about our

Affiliate program. If you decide to

join our FREE program all you need to

do is help us sell our waffle mix bags

which practically sell themselves at

S7.25 per bag.

Step 1:Fill out our Affiliate Signup

Form to the left.

Step 2: Fill out I-9 form and email it

to us.


Step 3: Find Customers

Step 4: Once you have a customer

that wants to buy a bag(s) that you

have helped, just have them put your

First and Last Name and the year

you signed up in the notes section

of the check out cart online.

EXAMPLE: JohnSmith2018

All affiliate orders MUST be placed



Step 5: That's it, we will keep track of

how many sales you have and you will

get paid the month after you sell more

than 10 bags. 

Step 6: You can pick up your money

via the Waffle Den store or we will

mail you a check to the address on

your form.

NOW, It is time for you to get Paid!

Find Customers!

You must fill out the I-9 form

below and submit it via email to 

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